Conference and Exhibition on Biometrics on the move technology for border management

Frontex has the pleasure to invite industry representatives to showcase innovative technologies for border checks during the Conference on Biometrics on the move on 28-29 September in Warsaw, Poland.

The objective of the Conference is to provide a platform for international dialogue on the feasibility and potential impact of ‘on-the-move-technology’ for border control with a view to enhancing security and facilitating travel at the borders. In order to meet this dual requirement new solutions have to be explored and looked into. Biometrics-on-the-move is understood as the acquisition of data (more in particular biometrics) at a distance for the purpose of identity verification of a traveller.

The focus of the Conference will be on legal and operational challenges, with an emphasis on the required legislation and technologies which could enable a wider use of ´biometrics on the move´ bringing a change to border checks approach with the potential to change day-to-day operations at the border.

The event will explore among others the following issues:


Legal framework and vision for the future;

End users needs and challenges;

Risk management and vulnerabilities;

State-of-the-art technology and pilots;

Research, development and innovations;

Way ahead.


To support the discussions, the Conference will also examine cutting-edge research developments in the area of ´biometrics on the move´ which in the future could be exploited to advance technological innovations in the border control domain.

Eight to ten leading companies currently involved in developing solutions for biometrics on the move concept will demonstrate their systems’ capabilities in an exhibition area.

The target audience consists of national authorities from the European Union Member States and other countries, EU policy-makers, industry and researchers involved in developing ´biometrics on the move´ solutions.

An industry exhibition is planned as a side event to the Conference. The aim is to provide border management authorities and other participants with up-to-date information and a hands-on experience on the latest solutions available in the market or under development, address key questions and needs and provide an informal networking environment for all stakeholders present.

Participation is open to relevant industry players working in the field of the biometrics on the move concept.

How to showcase:

Should you wish to exhibit during the Conference, please respond to this invitation by registering at by 30 June 2017. You are kindly invited to include a description of the products/ innovations you would like to showcase, as well as an estimation of the space required.

Due to the limited space available, interested companies will be selected on a strictly first-come-first-served basis, according to their relevance in the fields of interest and in a way that ensures that different thematic areas are adequately represented. Frontex reserves the right to deny participation to those whose product offer is considered not to be aligned with the topics of the Conference. You will be notified of acceptance/regrets no later than 6 July 2017.

Details on the venue as well as other logistical information will be sent only to participants who have successfully registered. No fees will be charged for registration and exhibiting space. Exhibitors will be asked to cover the costs of travel, their own accommodation and additional costs incurred in exhibit activities.

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