Security Research and Innovation

Security and the economy are top concerns for Europeans. The security research funded by the European Union under Horizon 2020 brings both improved security and better industrial performance. Focused research enhances security by developing technologies and tools that meet the real needs of those on the front line of dealing with threats such as terrorism, cybercrime, weapons and human trafficking, as well as natural disasters. Security research is helping European industry stand its ground against strong competition from the United States and Asia. More, however, needs to be done in this area and the European Commission is working to promote better take-up by industry of research results.


Frontex invites Industry and Academia to present to the border guard community mature methodolgies/best practices on testing/assessing border security technologies in the real field, able to produce useful and objective measures of technology performance and effectiveness.

Frontex invites to workshop the European Industry and Academia which lead (or are about to start/are in the incubation phase of ideas on) research and development projects aimed at developing new products, technologies, solutions for border security and using financial sources other than EU financing.