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BODEGA project will investigate and model Human Factors in border control to provide innovative socio-technical solutions for enhancing border guards’ performance of critical tasks, support border management decision-making, and optimize travellers’ border crossing experience. BODEGA will develop a PROPER toolbox which integrates the solutions for easy adoption of the BODEGA’s results by stakeholders in border control. PROPER toolbox which will integrate ethical and societal dimensions to enable a leap of border control towards improved effectiveness and harmonisation across Europe.



Frontex invites Industry and Academia to present to the border guard community mature methodolgies/best practices on testing/assessing border security technologies in the real field, able to produce useful and objective measures of technology performance and effectiveness.

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Tue, 23/06/2015

Frontex invites to workshop the European Industry and Academia which lead (or are about to start/are in the incubation phase of ideas on) research and development projects aimed at developing new products, technologies, solutions for border security and using financial sources other than EU financing.

17/06/2015 to 18/06/2015
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Wed, 01/04/2015

The Brochure has been elaborated as a follow up of the Exhibition and workshops organized in 2014 and dedicated to the European funded projects in the field of border security.