Frontex has the pleasure to invite industry representatives to discuss what novelties could be used at the selected airport as a pilot project 2019.

The industry day will take place at the Frontex Headquarters, Plac Europejski 6, Warsaw, Poland, on 25 April, from 9:00 to 16:00 hours, Warsaw local time.

Brief description: 

BODEGA project will investigate and model Human Factors in border control to provide innovative socio-technical solutions for enhancing border guards’ performance of critical tasks, support border management decision-making, and optimize travellers’ border crossing experience. BODEGA will develop a PROPER toolbox which integrates the solutions for easy adoption of the BODEGA’s results by stakeholders in border control. PROPER toolbox which will integrate ethical and societal dimensions to enable a leap of border control towards improved effectiveness and harmonisation across Europe.



Frontex has the pleasure to invite industry representatives to showcase innovative technologies for border checks during the Conference on Biometrics on the move on 28-29 September in Warsaw, Poland.

19/09/2016 to 20/09/2016

Frontex proposes to initiate a series of workshops between Industry, Academia and experts from the Member States Border Guard Authorities having as purpose to invite the former (Industry and Academia) to present to the border guard community mature/proper methodolgies/methods/best practices/procedures on how to plan, design and conduct (including data collection and evaluation) effective tests/assessments of different border security technologies in the real field, able to produce useful and objective measures of technology performance and effectiveness.