Interconnection of secure communication networks of border guard authorities in neighbouring countries

Ongoing border security related EU funded projects (FP7)

Frontex invites Industry and Academia to present to the border guard community mature methodolgies/best practices on testing/assessing border security technologies in the real field, able to produce useful and objective measures of technology performance and effectiveness.

Frontex invites to workshop the European Industry and Academia which lead (or are about to start/are in the incubation phase of ideas on) research and development projects aimed at developing new products, technologies, solutions for border security and using financial sources other than EU financing.


Final Call for Papers: IEEE Joint Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference (JISIC) 2014 (deadline approaching soon)

IEEE Joint Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference (JISIC) 2014 will include a special track on BORDER CONTROL.

To meet border surveillance challenges STREAMS integrates a range of different activities covering a wide spectrum going from platforms and sensors to create a local tactical picture at a specific location to the sharing, fusion, and exploitation of that local picture at regional, national, and EU level. Demonstration projects would be needed to test different system configurations, establish acceptable levels of safety and develop the technology needed to achieve the required control and safety levels.