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Advanced registered traveler paradigm using dynamic risk profile and multimodal biometrics

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Conference Paper
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Fri, 22/03/2013 - 11:16

Registered Traveler (RT) program is an automated border control tool to reinforce homeland security without compromising convenience. This paper introduces a process-based approach for dynamic risk assessment using fuzzy logic in the RT program. We propose the use of multimodal biometrics for strong identification and greater interoperability with legacy schemes. The concept is applied to the passenger departure process in an airport. The conceptual framework has been prototyped in a laboratory-based demonstrator and deploys face and fingerprint modalities along with match-on-card biometric identification.

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Author(s): Chawdhry, Pravir Kumar, Da Silva, Rui Pareira Inst. for the Protection & Security of the Citizen, Eur. Comm., Ispra, Italy