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ESRIF (European Security Research Innovation Forum) Final Report

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Fri, 19/04/2013 - 16:48
The report describes a security research and innovation agenda.
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Efficient transfer of high volume of data, including video and images, from mobile (manned or unmanned) platforms to end users, and vice versa from operations centres to field assets Access control: authentication of documents, people and vehiclesCollaboration across cultures, or the effects of culture on information sharingIntelligence-based risk assessment, threat classification and vulnerability assessment models Assessment of user acceptanceErgonomic and user-friendly wireless mobile communication tools Deception detection Integrated visa/immigration facilities control systemsData protection, Fundamental Rights and Social Impact related to the use of technologies at the borderReal-time and near real-time text/data mining methods for processing vast amount of heterogeneous dataInterconnection of secure communication networks of border guard authorities in neighbouring countries Detection of both large and small (fast) boats in maritime environment Interoperability for information exchange: protocols, schemes, ontologies, topologies, semantic translations and common definitions of contentTechniques for data/information fusion (text, video, images, etc.) in real or close to real timeErgonomic impacts of use of technology at the borderDetection of people attempting to enter illegallyPlatforms and systems for secure exchange of informationTrend analysis, pattern detection, cross-analysis of databases, optimisation analysisHuman-system optimisationPsycho-physiological and behavioural detection of riskTechniques to facilitate the exchange of information between non interoperable information systemsUtilisation of new sources of information for intelligence gathering and situational awareness (blogs, micro- blogs, forums, deep web, other social media) Methods for diffusing and integrating new technologySmall and wide land area intruder detection Modelling and simulation capabilities for border control (virtual environments)Verification of document authenticity