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Frontex Real-time News Event Extraction Framework

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Conference Paper
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Thu, 20/09/2012 - 16:57

Authors: M. Atkinson, J. Piskorski


An ever-growing amount of information relevant for early detection of certain threats can be extracted from on-line news. This led to an emergence of news mining tools to help analysts to digest the overflow of information and to extract valuable knowledge from on-line news sources. This paper gives an overview of the fully operational Real-time News Event Extraction Framework developed for Frontex, the EU Border Agency, to facilitate the process of extracting structured information on border security-related events from on-line news. In particular, a hybrid event extraction system has been constructed, which is applied to the stream of news articles continuously gathered and pre-processed by the Europe Media Monitor|a large-scale multilingual news aggregation engine. The framework consists also of an earth browser, in which events are visualized and an event moderation tool, which allows to access the database of automatically extracted event descriptions and to clean, validate, group, enhance and export them into other knowledge repositories.


Conference paper In Proceedings of 17th Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD 2011) San Diego, USA, ACM, 2011. 


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