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`Greedy' Information Technology: The Digitalization of the European Migration Policy

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Tue, 26/03/2013 - 12:46

European borders are being transformed into digital borders. The ambition behind the European information systems - like the Schengen Information System and Eurodac - is to establish a single Union information system to control the flux of migrants. We show that in this process information technology is not a neutral tool to reach established goals but that it is `greedy'. This greediness indicates the distorting potential of information technology regarding the means-end logic. Our analysis suggests that the European migration policy is stuck in a `digital fix', i.e. a technological fix focusing on ICT. We identify three political issues concerning greedy information technology within the context of the European migration policy. The first issue concerns the democratic control on information systems. The second issue discusses the weak legal position of immigrants. The third issue inquires into the effectiveness of information systems as a policy instrument.

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